Discovering that we had bedbugs was one of the worst experiences we have had in a long time. (I do recognize how lucky we are in other ways!) We were completely overwhelmed by having to prepare our entire apartment in a short amount of time while working full-time. The challenge, at the time, seemed insurmountable. HOWEVER, having constant and consistent access to the staff at Strike Force was a great benefit. They never got tired by our numerous and ongoing questions. They answered all our calls and responded to our multiple emails. They were competent, patient, kind and supportive. I have never experienced this level of customer support and service. The technicians were highly professional, communicative and efficient. As a customer, I was treated with dignity and respect. Thank you Strike Force!

Sarah McDowell, Red Deer, Alberta

I lived in Red Deer for some time and recently moved to Sylvan Lake, AB… you know how the place is when it comes to pests.

Recently I found a possible roach in my new home. It’s a relatively new condo. I panicked when I saw one and I immediately contacted Strike Force a few times regarding the identification of pests.

I contacted them via Yelp and their official website, and Sunny reached me back within an hour even on weekends. He was accommodating, informative and professional. I emailed him the pictures of the possible roach, and he took his time identifying it which I very much appreciated. It’s much better than give a glimpse of it and guess what it is. He called me back and confirmed they were in fact not roaches but only beetles that just kinda resemble baby roaches! He didn’t hurry to explain what it was but took his time in a professional matter on the phone.¬† Most other companies try to suck every penny out of you for just identifying bugs or even send technicians with fees. I’ve heard some companies just straight out lie to get more money out of you. Strike Force Pest Control has been honest and professional.

Shannon B Moore, Sylvan Lake, Alberta

It is so nice to have providers you trust and can rely on, especially when it comes to pests! We had never had any sort of a problem in our (small, only 5 apartments) building but, unfortunately, some German cockroaches moved in, presumably on a cardboard box (I hear they love the glue). Before we knew it, there was a colony living under our wine fridge. I understand it can take time to wipe them all out. After the first visit, some moved under our standard fridge (likely eggs hatched). I was thrilled when the second visit put an end to everything. We have seen zero activity since then but continue to have check-ups during warm months to ensure we never have a problem again. I have also arranged for them to visit the rest of my building (neighbors and cellar). Communication with¬† Strike Force Pest Control is simple. They are very responsive to email. I have nothing but good things to say about everyone I’ve emailed with, talked with and met. I’ve had several visits, met four different providers and would gladly meet them all again. They are also surprisingly punctual.

Tara Quimby, Leduc, Alberta

I could not have asked for a better team to work with throughout my saga with bedbugs. On Saturday evening, I sighted a bedbug. On Sunday morning, I called Strike Force Pest Exterminators and unleashed all of my neurosis to Sunny. I told him about the crumbling reality of my life since seeing a bedbug, and I detailed how I’ve been throwing away and cleaning every household item. His voice calm and rational, his approach was reassuring and sensitive to my needs. He listened to the sounds of my anxiety, and he told me that it would be ok. At that time, nothing soothed me more than his professional suggestion. Although he was booked that morning, he made it work. The team called me 10 minutes because arriving and showed up at 11am. The inspection was thorough and professional. The guy answered all of my questions and made me feel a lot less hysterical at the end of the appointment. After the inspection, Sunny sent me a detailed report with photos and description of the problem. I called him to discuss next steps. His patience and expertise in this field was evident in our conversations. This is the best customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you for being awesome.

Richard Lin, Red Deer, Alberta