Dealing With Pests During Springtime

spring time pest control in alberta

If you are living in Alberta, Canada and you are just now experiencing the vibrancy of spring after the long cold winter, you should take note that it’s not only the birds, bees, and bears that are coming out of the proverbial woodwork. The coming of spring also means the coming of pests, and failure to control these bugs will certainly not make for a very fruitful start of the season.


Due to the increase in temperature, snow will start to melt, and this would mean an increase in moisture within and around your home. Moisture and puddles of stagnant water are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and ants while the growth of plants during the early weeks of winter would mean an abundance of food for bugs, beetles, and the like.

Failure in dealing with spring pests can translate to a lot of problems. Ticks can be troublesome for your pets, and they can also deliver a nasty bite to you. Termites can ruin your home by gnawing at your wooden cabinets, ceiling beams, or staircases. Bugs can and will destroy your garden even before they could come into full bloom. Lastly but definitely not the least, mosquitoes bring diseases that may affect you or your family. Of course, pests that come out during spring, in this context, may also be extended towards bigger creatures such as rats, raccoons, squirrels, and even rabbits as they can do amply damage to property and nuisance to homeowners as well.

Controlling pests that come out during spring can be done. It is as simple as plugging up leaks from roofs and other areas, and clearing up places where water can pool to form puddles. Proper disposal of garbage and ensuring tight seals or covers on potential food sources for these bugs are also a must. Still, aside from the usual bug sprays that you can use around the house, you are pretty much just treating the symptoms without actually curing the main problem.

pest-exterminator-in-red-deerThat is where professional pest extermination companies come in. These are experts in the field that can treat the problem at the source. Not only will they be able to find the root of the problem, but they would be able to safely and effectively resolve the infestation for you. This would include killing or removal of the actual pests, but they can also locate and eliminate these pests’ homes wherever they may be. Professional pest exterminators can also assist you by providing you with tips on how to prevent your home or garden from being a target.

A professional pest exterminator will always use products that will not be harmful to you, your family, your pets, or your home. They will also always have safety precautions to ensure that your property would not be damaged while still being able to get the job done. Some pest extermination companies, most of them of which are conveniently located in Alberta, Canada, can provide you with good rates that you should definitely consider as an investment against damage to property, for your good health, as well as your peace of mind.

Professional pest exterminators in Canada, are well versed in dealing with spring pests, and they can do their work efficiently without you needing to leave the house and at rates that you can afford. You will also immediately be able to see results as they rid your house of these pesky bugs, whether it be ticks, ants, bed bugs, or even larger pests such as rats, rabbits, skunks, or raccoons.

This will allow you to more comfortably enjoy the brightness of spring without having to worry about troublesome bugs and other types of pests and threats to your home and family. Dealing with spring pests can definitely be easier if they are handled by professional pest, bug and rodent exterminators. You can find them within the neighborhood or you can also look online so that you can look for the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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