Residential Pest Control

Strike Force pest Co is a member of the Canada Pest Management Association, so we are up to date with news and events that arise in the pest extermination field. In Red Deer, Alberta, Canada we deal with a wide range of industries. One a personal level, most of our customers live in residential as a single family or multi-family.

Red Deer is surrounded by wildlife and you should expect conflicts arising between homeowners and the wildlife. The best way is to minimize or eliminate these conflicts if coexistence becomes a problem. These pests are regular visitors when seasons change or when they decide that your house is a suitable habitat.

Do not worry we have everything covered. There are certain pests that you might not lack in a residential setting, these include ant, bed bugs, carpet beetles, mosquitoes, pigeon, fleas, cockroaches, moths, sow bugs, mice, and wasps. These crawling and flying insects and rodents are a disappointed if spotted in a home, especially the bedbugs.

We have heard cases that our customers have used pesticides and other DIY techniques but the pests are still coming. We know the reason why it could not have worked for them. Just like war, you need to know your enemies: our 10 years of experience in pest extermination is a good weapon that we are still investing upon. In addition to fighting pests, you need the best tools or equipment: this needs integrating pest management techniques and strategies.

Services we offer

  • We conduct an inspection and locate the areas that are highly infested
  • After the inspection, the technician in charge writes a detailed report
  • From the findings, programs or lists of techniques and treatments are developed according to the conditions described by the report
  • The company then lets you decide on the final action
  • You get assigned a team of technicians who are fully armed with state- of -the- art equipment
  • After the extermination process, we extend our services by offering regular year-round maintenance

 Strike Force pest Co would like to deal with your specific home needs; we believe that each and every home is unique. As the seasons change, you might notice different pests- we know how to make this pest activity a myth. Science and training have been the foundation of our business, so quality is what we compromise. Contact us today and take advantage of our lifetime pest Extermination services.