Rat removal and prevention in the Edmonton area

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Rats are known to carry diseases in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, so when you see them in your home or business, it should be handled as a serious pest problem. Even though rats are not entering a direct living room, any rat problem should be served urgently. Call a professional pest exterminator company for professional advice when you are concerned about rats.

Health risks from rats

Rats pose a serious health risk to both humans and pets. Common diseased spread by rats includes salmonella, E. coli, TB and Weil’s disease. Rats also carry fleas, ticks and mites and may lead to severe allergic reactions.

Signs of rats in your home

Rats are night-loving and usually hide from humans, so the common signs of rats in the house include:

  • Distinctive smell. They leave an ammonia-like odor that will be extremely strong in an enclosed area like under the cupboards.
  • Rat droppings. Rats leave dark, abated droppings about 11-15 long.
  • Scratching noises under the floors and in walls as rats scamper around. Rats are common in the attic.
  • Damage. Rats have teeth that develop continuously and bite on plastic and wood to keep them trim. They can also lead to the fire by chewing through electrical wiring.
  • Nests. Rats make nests in warm, hidden areas using shredded materials like fabrics and newspaper. Nests will usually contain young rats
  • Ripped food packaging. Rats will shred open food which might leave teeth marks.
  • Burrows. In the farm, rats can dig burrows mostly under sheds or in compost heaps. They will also make nests under garden covering.

How to get rid of rats

Do you have rats in the attic or the kitchen? If not treated, a rat infestation can quickly take charge. There is a variety of doing it yourself rat control products available in the market to help eliminate rats in low-risk areas. Nevertheless, it is recommended to have rat control treatment by one of a professional pest removal company technician for rat activity in living rooms or when the issue persists.

Get rid of rid of rats professionally

Amateur do it yourself products can be a cost-effective way of controlling rat issues in low-risk areas. Nevertheless, professional pest control is needed for high-risk areas, more set rat colonies and where there is a repeated issue with rats. A professional company has a team of experts ready to eliminate your rats’ issues quickly and efficiently and give you advise on how to keep rats away from your home.

A professional pest exterminator company renders you a convenient service with:

  • Specialist advice helping you prevent future rat infestations
  • Peace of mind. They will make as many visits as required to make sure the rat issue is completely dealt with
  • Quick and effective home and business call service to eliminate rats
  • Safe pest control techniques using up to date equipment. You do not require to worry about the safety of your family and pets.

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