Commercial Pest Exterminator

Strike Force pest Co has something in store for your business.  The company also provides commercial pest extermination within the city of Red Deer, Alberta. We know that the city benefits a lot from the hospitality and tourism industry when people attend events or visits historic attractions; this is the place where they go for food, a drink, leisure activities and accommodation.  We are talking about hotels, inn & suites, motels, campgrounds, vacation home, cottage, guest ranch, resorts, café, restaurant, bars, pubs and golf clubs.

There are also other businesses that are operated in the city such as construction industry, retail stores, shopping centers, marketplace, dairy and agricultural farming industries, health facilities, education facilities, food processing industries, offices, garden centers, pharmaceuticals, airports, museums, and antiquities. In one way or another, all these businesses are prone to pest infestation.  Failure to exterminate these pests can lead to losses if you consider that rumors can spread like wildfire.

Our approach to commercial pest extermination is first to identify the uniqueness of the building in terms of sanitation policies, Physical layout, storage facilities and the maintenance plans. We operate on scheduled on-site meetings, this is where we get to work with you to resolve your specific needs. Part of this interaction with you will be involved in the inspection process. This process is essential because you will get to learn about the pests that rely on your business for survival.

Most of our work is documented, so after the inspection, you should expect a detailed report. We have served thousands of, still counting, commercial customers using our customized pest extermination programs. We send our qualified technicians to monitor and implement the right solution in your premises. We specialize in products and methods that are environmental- friendly and safe to use in the presence of your customers.

Pests pose a threat to our business. They can cause damages (structural or inventory) and spread diseases if not contained. We can help you prevent them. We know their behaviors, vulnerabilities, and nature. We use science, sustainable practices and advanced technology to effectively deal with notorious pests like bedbugs, termites, rodents and ants. We understand all our customers’ needs and ensure that your life and work is not disrupted in any way.

We are your team. Let us create a welcoming impression to your customers and employees. Contact Strike Force pest Co and set your own standards.